In collaboration with BROKEN BRIDGE COLLECTIVE, I set out to put on a promotional / end of the summer event for the fairly fresh shop Seaweed & Gravel in Encinitas, CA.  I reached out to local shops such as Lou's Records, Rhino Art, Captain Keno's, and Ducky Waddles, as well as Hello Sisters and created small gift bags.  Local bands featured were Trouble in the Wind, and Taken by Canadians, playing acoustic sets in the back corner of the parking lot just at the end of a rugged & radical line of motorcycles.  Ocean air, and BBQ aroma swept through the air on this perfect mid-October afternoon.  We converted the parking lot into a living room with carpets, couches, chairs and lamps; all the necessitates of a mellow & intimate experience to enjoy the end of warmth and beginning of fall.


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