Honey in the Sun

Lately, I’ve found myself bumping into people from certain parts of (what’s built upon) my life so far that have been either heartwarming or... deconstructive, whether it be in the city or honestly, like a ghost in my dreams.  I’ve found it hard to focus on the present, without getting too distracted with the past... There were people I spent everyday with, from class to detention... office to meetings, onto a plane, out of a car, to state after state, and back all over again... people who have become family and witness every angle around my eyes; and then the tourists passing through life, taking down a story, and disappearing.  However there is that rare encounter, that may not be what you want; it’s more like something you need.  Someone not spelling out what needs to be done, but just rolls alongside you, willing to experience something for the first time or relive it again to allow you the surprise, and sometimes if necessary, the let-down.  In time, these rare places turn out to be the most consistent in bringing out the best in us.

I headed north for the weekend to visit a long time friend and forever-inspiration of mine.  Nicole Lewis, professional photographer from San Diego to San Francisco and just recently back from the East Coast... has stretched aside from fashion photography to landscapes and has been enthusiastic enough to take me to the greener patches outside the trolleys of the Bay area.  We left the city before it was awake and I found my ears peeled for the whistle of a train, and my heartbeat dancing (with slight anxiety) along a couple miles of train-tracks for almost an hour, with Mt Shasta in sight... until we reached Mossbrae Falls.

Alex Article 002

April 2016

As we slid through a wall of trees down a side of the tracks over bubbling roots, we found a handful of other groups sunning on the rocks in the middle of the river pool.  It really was a hidden gem, with no obnoxious noises... granted we dodged a 2:12 pm train so we had at least another hour or so til smoke goes whistling above us.  It’s important if you ever find yourself here, to be very careful on the paths and respectful of the branches you climb.

The area surrounding Mt Shasta has always been known for it’s spiritual energy... and whether or not you like to believe everything you hear, it’s hard not to feel like everything is fine how it is, and how it will be when you’re napping next to the sound of a river and all things nature-esque... which honestly is what we should all be doing as much as possible... I know my blood pressure would go down.  

Returning to the city, we maintained some state of mind rolling around Dolores Park, seeing Annie Leibovitz’s new portrait exhibition, and just working on our own projects at a cafe on Polk St; drifting away to the scent of antiques and consignment clothing.  We reached Mt Tamalpais by sunset, engulfed within rolling hills that have a way of making you feel like you’re the only people there... but if you squint enough, there’s some other sign of life scattered along down the road.  

I guess I couldn’t help but circle my thoughts from this weekend getaway around some sentimental memories I’ve been reminded of... even if it came from climbing a tree, or at a stand-still in a crowded room.

The Bay has always been a place where I have felt productive, and just a pinch more awake with what’s around me. No matter how long it’s been, there’s comfort in any last minute days off work to visit.  There’s always something new, and always something old. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where the grass is greener.

You never stay long, and you can always go back.


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